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Customized Hico loco PVC CMYK Printing magnetic stripe card For Access Control

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Access Control and Key Cards

As a supplier to some of the largest international hospitality corporations and independently owned hotels,
JGC offers a complete range of access control and key cards. Our quality manufacturing process ensures
brand consistency and worry free card performance across a property range.
Whether the card is for an
older style lock (CR50 3
 ½ " by 1¾ ") or the standard card size (CR80 3 3/8" by 2 1/8") we can custom
manufacture cards to your lock system specifications.

A co-branded hotel or special event key card is a valuable advertising tool for properties to partner with
local restaurants and other businesses to promote their products and services.
JGC also manufactures
custom plastic 
gift cardsloyalty cards, in room signage and resort bag tags for the hospitality industry.

Product option

Access control and key card features and options include:

Standard card size 2 1/8" by 3 3/8"

Card thickness: 24 mil to 30 mil (a credit card is 30 mil)

Standard white PVC and several color core PVC stock offerings

Environmentally friendly recycled PVC 

High quality lithographic printing: 4 color process, PMS spot color matching 

Metallic and pearlescent screen print inks

Lo-Co and Hi-Co magnetic stripes 

Custom color magnetic stripes

Hydraulic heat platen lamination to protect print and enhance the durability of the magnetic stripes

Durable gloss, matte or satin laminate finish

UV liquid coated finish

Decorative hot stamp foils in an array of colors

Custom shapes and sizes including a corner notch for the visually impaired 

High resolution inkjet and thermal numbers, bar codes, and text

Magnetic stripe encoding

Standard artwork for keycard locking instructions provided on request

Meets all ANSI specifications

Fast turn delivery

A popular technology used worldwide is magnetic stripe. It is used on everything from credit cards to drivers licenses.

Card data can be encrypted on one, two or three of the tracks which are located on the magnetic stripe.
Todays dye sublimation printers can encode and print cards in the same process. Magnetic stripe technology
is recommended for low to moderate security levels. Typical applications would include membership cards,
parking cards and gift cards. It can also be used with time and attendance or financial cards.

JGC Technologies offers magnetic stripe and debit stripe technology as an option on to PVC, Polyester Badges,
Hang Tags and Laminating Pouches.

Single stripe or multiple stripes can be manufactured onto each card. Sizes we provide are:


The Oersted (Oe) (unit of resistance to the magnetic change) can be on any stripe:

300 Oe (Low Coercivity)

2750 Oe (High Coercivity)

4000 Oe ISO Readback Voltage (this is the higher oersted version of regular 2750oe HiCo and 300 oe LoCo.
This is typically used in ATM and point of sale type applications. All three of these magstripes have a readback
voltage of 100%. The higher the oersted, the harder it is to erase the data)

4000 Oe High Output (readback voltage is 160% of the normal ISO readback - this magstripe is used primarily
for the 1/8" wide junk or debit stripes, but is also seen in access control applications as a 1/2" stripe and sometimes in 5/16")

Used in dining, vending or stored value cards, our debit stripes come in:

4000 Oe High Output

All stripes except for debit stripes can be encoded or programmed.

Stripe layout is:



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