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Combi Card Inlay

Product Introduction

The Hybrid card is a two completely separate chip technologies residing on the one card. Data between the chips is therefore not shared; they act completely independently of each other. These cards are typically used in applications needing separate contact and contactless chip functions, but on the one card. It is also applicable when departments want to control the security of their own application and are not interested in sharing that data.

Available chips combinationMifare 1k+SLE5542 Hybrid card inlay, Mifare 4k +SLE5528 Hybrid card inlay, Mifare 1k+Temic T5567, EM4100+Mifare 4k etc.

Product Specifications

Antenna size: 520*410mm,490*310mm,470*390mm,600*380mm
Thickness:0.40mm+/-0.02mm or customized ,the minimum can be 0.35mm.
Layout:5*5,4*8,3*8,space between can be customized.
Material: PVC, PET, PC, PET-G


The shape and size of the antenna can be adapted to specific needs,
Customized layout and thickness
Trimmed reference edges and optional printed cross marks to make the further process more easy.


Asset management, Vehicle management, Access control, Financial etc.

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