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Printable Inkjet white PVC contact smart card SLE4442 chip blank ic card


The SLE4442/SLE5542 smart card is a standard, low-cost memory smartcard.
It has 256 bytes EEPROM memory plus 32 x 1 bit protection memory.
The SLE5542 is a fully-compatible, upgraded version of the SLE4442.
Infineon has migrated the data carrier family to the IMEM CMOS technology.
IMEM is conceived for security applications and offers unsurpassed physical
and electrical protection schemes.

    • 256 x 8-bit EEPROM organization
    • Byte-wise addressing
    • Irreversible byte-wise write protection
    • 32 x 1-bit organization of protection memory
    • Two-wire link protocol
    • End of processing indicated at data output
    • Answer-to-Reset acc. to ISO standard 7816-3
    • Data retention for minimum of ten years
    • Programming time 2.5 ms per byte for both erasing and writing
    • Contact configuration and serial interface in accordance with ISO standard 7816 (synchronous transmission)
    • Data can only be changed after entry of the correct 3-byte programmable security code (security memory)

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